Stacey and Ryan

"We knew that Krista and Devin of Newley Sound would be perfect for us, as we have eclectic tastes, and would be hosting family and friends with a wide variety of ages and musical tastes. We also had a number of geeky/silly requests and I knew they wouldn’t judge me as a fellow DJ for having “uncool” tastes… I knew that they love people and music, and would just “get” us. There’s nothing better than knowing you will be joined on your wedding day with people who get you." Read the full review. 

Allison and Ben

“Devin and Krista came highly recommended by our wedding planner and were well worth every penny. From our first meeting we knew they had our best interests at heart and would strive to provide a soundtrack fitting to the theme and vision for our wedding. Our guests loved how well Devin and Krista responded to requests and we felt like every song had something for everyone. Newley Sound was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding and we think you should choose them too!”


Nicole and Jordan

"Five stars! We could not be happier with our decision to hire Newley Sound Service for our wedding ceremony and reception. The music was very important to my husband and they definitely delivered. We really loved that the songs were what we wanted to hear and not just a generic wedding playlist. Devin and Krista are just a breath of fresh air to the selection of wedding DJ's in Edmonton."

Falynn and Josh

"After meeting Krista and Devin, we instantly knew this was the DJ team we needed for our day. Leading up to the wedding, they were incredibly attentive and accommodating with our difficult outdoor venue and to ensure the music was tailored to exactly what we wanted; even with our wide variety of requests from country, modern music, to old time polkas. Our biggest demand was to "keep people dancing", and they did exactly that! To this day, we still have wedding guests raving about how great the dance was! We would recommend Newley Sound to any couple getting married; this DJ duo was on of the best parts of our wedding!"

Jaimie & Eric

"We cannot even begin to thank you enough for not only making our wedding day, but also the entire planning process, one of the best experiences of our life! From the first meeting we knew we were in great hands, and the continual support right through to our wedding with suggestions for songs, itinerary, and technical advice was amazing! You guys nailed that elusive mix that kept young and old alike dancing up a storm, even Eric's grandpa whom we have never seen take to the dance floor! We had such a wonderful time and received so many lovely compliments." (JNZ Photography)

Ellery & Dallas

"Hiring Newley Sound was absolutely one of the best decisions we made for our wedding day, as we knew the music choices would really set the tone for the day. From our first encounter, Devin and Krista were very easy to work with and were full of helpful suggestions. They worked closely with us to develop the perfect soundtrack for our big day. They had a diverse mix of music to suit our tastes and those of our guests and to compliment all aspects of the event from the ceremony, cocktail hour, the dinner reception and the dance. People were out having a great time on the dance floor all night, and we received many compliments on the music. We highly recommend Newley Sound.”

Sarah & Tony

"We’ve both been to plenty of weddings where the music seemed like an afterthought.  Considering the fact that we’re both a bit (okay, maybe very) snobbish about our music, we wanted to curate the perfect vibe for our big day.  Upon meeting Krista and Devin, it was very clear that they too are immense music lovers.  However, it wasn’t just their amazing taste in music that sealed the deal for us was; it was their positive energy and kindness that had us fully convinced.  Krista and Devin made our wedding absolutely unforgettable and we can guarantee you that our guests feel the same way!"

Laurie & Ian

"As a couple with very eclectic and differing tastes in music, we knew it was very important to have DJs that shared our love of music that could create the perfect flow between big band-swing and 90s hip-hop. We had heard such great things about Devin and Krista, and right from the first consultation we knew they were the right choice. So many of our family and friends told us that our wedding was one of the most fun they had ever been to, and I know that was because of Devin & Krista's fun attitude, easy-going nature and musical expertise."

Dan & Beth

"Simply put, Newley Sound are the greatest DJ's the city of Edmonton has ever had. From the moment they arrived at our venue they were adaptable and flexible making everything come together seamlessly. Our goal was to have an amazing 90's hip hop dance party (with a sprinkle of punk rock thrown in) and Newley Sound delivered with their amazing selection of music our guests were asking for. All of our guests are still raving about how good the music was and that it was unbelievable that Devin and Krista stayed and kept the party going all night long. Our wedding would not have been the same without them!"


Melisa & Nevin

"We were looking for a DJ, what we found was a chance to really enjoy ourselves and personalize our wedding. From walking down the isle, to our first dance, and every moment in between, Newley delivered an extremely intimate and engaging soundtrack to our big day. Among all the decisions, choosing Devin and Krista was easily the simplest. Their warmth as a couple put us at ease from the outset, and enough cannot be said about the quality of their service, or the way in which it is delivered."


Leslie & Shannon 

"Krista and Devin's easygoing nature, can-do attitude, and their knowledge of music and events had us convinced from day one that they were the DJs we wanted for our wedding and from planning to last-call Newley Sound never failed to impress. They asked all the right questions and offered us tons of great advice which helped us put together a fantastic event. Thanks to Newley Sound everything went smoothly and everyone had a blast. A few guests even went out of their way to tell us how much they enjoyed Newley's work, both as DJs and MCs (yes they did that too!). We highly recommend Newley Sound."


Hailey & Galen 

"Krista & Devin are exactly the type of DJ's we had dreamed of for our wedding. They share a wealth of musical knowledge, and are able to work with you to create the perfect soundscape to compliment your love as well as your big day. They know how to read a room and played songs that had even our non-dancing friends busting a move! We highly recommend Newley Sound to anyone looking for a professional, smart & fun pair of DJ's." 


Graeme & Danielle

"Our wedding had fantastic music for cocktails and dinner and a dance floor that was packed until the absolute end of the night. Multiple guest complimented us on how good the music was and it was the most fun they have ever had a wedding dance. They did an excellent job mixing in our requests with classic crowd pleasers. Working with Krista and Devin was a pleasure and they were both fun and professional, they even had a DJ setup that matched our décor!"


Linda & Mike

"Devin & Krista are superstar DJs! From the first meeting, everything was very professional and very comfortable. We loved how easy they made the process of picking songs. Our reception music was perfect and the dance portion of the night was so much fun. They also worked and coordinated incredibly well with our MC and photographers. Thank you for helping make our special day so special!" 


Rob & Joann 

"The dance floor was full and we were so happy and surprised to see both our families dancing. Not only did they have everyone dancing from young to old but they were great MCs as well. They read the crowd well, which led to the party’s success. They were fun, easy-going and listened to our needs."

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Becky & Derrick 

"My husband and I were quite stressed about having a dance as we are both “non-dance” people. Once we met with Devin and Krista we knew that they would make our party amazing. We were blown away by their knowledge of music and how they knew exactly what to play to get the crowd going. The floor was packed and they had the perfect mix between classics and newer tracks. They even got my husband and I dancing the night away."